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Brittney Guzman’s Abilities Prove That Size Does Not Matter

What you see isn’t always what you get when it comes to reality tv shows.

Sometimes things are staged, twisted or edited differently, showing a “bent” truth instead of the whole truth. But, one thing is for sure when it comes to Little Women: LA cast member Brittney Guzman, she keeps it real.

Even with the celebrity status, she isn’t afraid to voice her thoughts, such as voicing her thoughts on the obstacles that she still encounters as a little person.

“I’ve had so many opportunities for my profession, but I can’t say the stereotypes haven’t gone away with me being a little person,” Guzman said, “I’ve been given amazing opportunities by Miley, because she is an open-minded person. I’m a dancer first, but people sometimes look at me as a little person first. I just want people to see me as my ability and not my size.”

Well, she sure let’s her ability do the talking! She is in a reality tv show, she has danced for Miley Cyrus, she was in Tyga’s music video, she is working on her own clothing line and the list goes on and on.

But out of everything that she talked about, the one thing that stood out was her appreciation for and her relationship with Miley.

“Working with Miley was such an amazing experience. She is loving, caring and I didn’t just dance for her, she’s a good friend. We just have that bond on stage were things happen. We go off each other like oh ok let’s do this or I do this dance and she does this.” Guzman said.

A perfect example of that instant bond and connection was the time that they had a performance at Wimbledon Stadium.

“We did a performance at the Wimbledon Stadium in London and there was 90,000 people there. I was shitting bricks, I was so scared. I was scared, sweating and she comes up to me and says “Brittney I’m so scared, these boots are heavy, hold my hand because I don’t want to fall. I’m nervous and I say “Ok! Let’s roll out together, I’ll be right next to you,” and for her to be just as nervous as I was like “you still get nervous?” that was really good.

brittney guzman and miley cyrus

So, can there be some truth to what happens on reality tv shows, yes, but should you believe everything that you see, no.

Just like tv shows can be multifaceted, so can people and it is clear to see that Guzman has many sides to her. As long as you look beyond her size, you will come across some interesting facts and stories that I’m sure will not only entertain you but, will also show you what Guzman can really do.

Like she said, it is all about your ability…not your size.


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